Your data is stored in your own database which contains only your account's data. Databases are backed up nightly both onsite and offsite.

Your data held within Synaps remains your own property and will be made available to you in backup format upon request (service fees may apply) as long as you maintain a current subscription to Synaps. We reserve the right to clear databases and backups after 30 days if you do not renew your subscription or notify us in writing that you require your data.

Staff of Synaps/Digital Retail Systems may access your data for reporting and/or support purposes. Details of your private data will never be disclosed to any third party without your permission.


It is your responsibility to keep your password safe and not disclose it to others. You and any other users designated as having administrator privileges within Synaps are responsible for granting access to other people and users, and to ensure other people and users are made aware of non-disclosure and any other security policies you may have.

Access to Synaps through your web browser uses secure SSL encryption, however you must be aware that any external connections that you create may not be secure depending on the external system. Synaps/Digital Retail Systems is not responsible for securing any external connections.

Credit Card Details

You credit card details for recurring billing are stored by our PCI compliant payment providers. Synaps does not store a copy of your credit card details at any point.

We also advise against storing any of your customers card details in Synaps (such as in Notes on sales) as these are not encrypted and therefore do not meet security standards for storing credit card details.


Refunds for any partial subscription fees may be issued at the discretion of Synaps/Digital Retail Systems Staff upon the cancellation of a paid subscription. Any refunds will be calculated at a pro-rated value based on the time remaining of the subscription

Subscription Renewals

You are required to ensure your subscription is paid in order to maintain access to Synaps. Subscriptions can be paid by Credit Card or direct deposit into our New Zealand bank account. If you fail to renew your subscription your access to Synaps will be suspended until you do so.

System Resources and Usage

We monitor system usage and reserve the right to throttle or suspend access in cases where activity may impact services of other users.

Privacy Policy

You may view our full Privacy Policy here


The full End User Licence Agreement for Synaps is here