As well as our core Synaps application we also offer a range of other services and solutions for businesses.

Setup and Support

We have designed Synaps so that setting up your account is as simple as possible. That said, because it has so many features we know that you will probably have questions about how to use it.
We use Zendesk for our customer support to help ensure that if you have any questions about Synaps, we can answer them quickly.


Our online helpdesk includes tips and FAQs to help you get the most out of Synaps. Don't know how do do something - drop us an email.

Phone Support

Upgrade to premium support and get 0800 phone assistance.


Often the biggest barrier to implimenting a new business system is getting your data out of your old system.
With Synaps we have made it even easier to change to the most advanced operations system available today.

Importing and Exporting

We can help you transfer your existing data and records into Synaps and get up and running faster.


We can do remote or on-site training to make sure you are up to speed with everything that Synaps has to offer.

Custom Development

Because Synaps includes a full API, integrating with other systems and even building specialist apps on top of its feature set is easy.
With Synaps as a base platform, it is possible to custom build almost anything to run with it.


Integrate your existing web shopping cart with Synaps and enjoy the benefits of centralised inventory and order processing.


We can create mobile or stand alone applications that help to streamline your business. Save money by automating repetitive time-consuming processes.

Domains and Hosting

Because there is so much you can do with Synaps, you may wish to run your own domains and servers for web hosting.
Best of all, this can simply be tied to your Synaps subscription meaning no extra payments to worry about.

Domain Registration and Renewal

Easily create and renew domains for both websites and web stores.

Linux and Windows Hosting

Dedicated hosting gives you the advantage of 24/7 reliability for any additional systems you need.